Bridon Shield Update

Hi All, the Bridon Shield is next Sunday (27th April) and there are a couple of things we would like to clarify.

  1. The second session warm up will be 16:30, and not 16:00, based on the number of entries and the need to clear the balcony between sessions.
  2. Spectators for the first session will be charged for both sessions and can claim a refund for the second session by leaving by the opposite stairway. This was successful last year and ensures that the balcony numbers are controlled and the event is as self-funding as possible.<?li>
  3. Please can I have a list of volunteer positions that your club can cover for the two sessions - Armthorpe are covering the medals (I understand). We will need marshals (2), timekeepers (up to 12), judges (4), starters (1), chief timekeepers (2) and referees (2)
  4. Please can all clubs see the running order to ensure that they understand the running order and team requirements for the two sessions.