Meet Rules

  1. The Promoter for this event is Rob Bailey
  2. The Competition will be held under ASA Law & Technical Rules.
  3. The one start rule will apply.
  4. Over the top starts may be used at the Promoter’s discretion.
  5. Swimmers are requested to remain in the water until asked to leave the pool.
  6. All individual events will be heat declared winners.
  7. The pool is 25m long, 6 lanes with anti-wave lane ropes and electronic timing.
  8. No outdoors shoes to be worn on the poolside. Footwear must be worn outside the pool area.
  9. Age Groups are 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 years, & Open.
  10. Ages are as at midnight 31st December 2018.
  11. Entries will only be accepted through our nominated on-line entry system. Paper or printed entries will not be accepted. All entries must show the ASA Registration number, full date of birth and age on day for each swimmer.
  12. Time entries are to be based on 25m pool times or converted 50m pool times by use of the ASA Conversion Tables.
  13. The closing date for entries is midnight, 16th September 2018 and refers the final date on which entries must be received by the Meet Secretary.
  14. Poolside entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Promoter and Entries Manager.
  15. Should entries be over-subscribed, the promoter reserves the right to limit entries by rejection of the slowest entries received or by varying the proposed schedule of events. Notice of changes will be published on the DMASA website.
  16. This meet will operate as a CARDLESS meet. All entry withdrawals must be presented to the recorder no later than 10 minutes after the start of the relevant warm-up for each session.
  17. The fees for this event are £3.00 for each individual entry. This includes any licensing fees which DMasa must forward to ASANER.
  18. Coaches and Team Managers MUST wear passes provided at all times whilst on poolside. Only swimmers with accepted entries and Coaches/Team Managers with a valid Coaches pass will be allowed on Poolside.
  19. Pre-ordered Coach and Team Manager passes are available for £6 and include lunch , programmes, start lists and access to full and club specific results are via the DMasa website.
  20. Coaches and Team Managers are requested to ensure their swimmers respect the officials and are silent at the start of each heat. Team Managers/Coaches must supervise the warm up of their swimmers.
  21. Results sheets will be on display in the family room and poolside.
  22. The Referees decision is final.
  23. Awards will be made for each event to the first six in each age group.
  24. Presentations will only be made during the meet as results are available. Swimmers who are not available for presentation when required will not be presented.
  25. In each event, points will be awarded (6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1) to the first six in each age group. These points will be totalled to decide Top Boy & Top Girl for each of the age groups and the Top Club overall. In the event of a tie on points, the award will be given to the swimmer/club with the most 1st places, then 2nd places and so on.
  26. Entry to the meet is limited to members of clubs affiliated to Doncaster Metropolitan ASA.
  27. Admission for spectators will be £6.00 for full a day /Children and OAP  £3 for full day.  To include a programme. The spectator area has limited seating and some spectators may not be admitted at busy times.
  28. Refreshments may not be taken on to the poolside.
  29. A swim shop may be in operation throughout the gala.
  30. Any point not covered by these rules will be at the discretion of the organisers and the promoter.